What's a peice of string worth?

…you're looking for a place that takes you away from low-end, impersonal, one-size- fits-all design services.

Stay here if you're looking for a place that takes you away from cost-prohibitive, self-absorbed design studios.

Stay here if you're seeking creative design expertise and experience, delivered with insight, within your budget, within your deadline and without drama.

Whilst it's tempting to try some of the 'off-the-rack' design services that are available, designing and developing your logo and brand should be a unique and two-way process. If the journey isn't meaningful, then the destination will feel empty to your clients.

We're a tightly knit group of five design
professionals who have been together since
1988. As a 'principals only' studio, you're only
ever dealing with someone with years of
experience who cares about the end result of
each and every project – no matter how big
or small.

Our operating costs are lean and allow us to take a flexible approach to accommodating the tightest of budgets, without compromising on creativity and process.

Best of all is the flexibility we offer – no layers, or rigid rules except for one – to make you feel as though you are our only client. Put us to the test.

0481 993 272

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Do you have a current design job that's stalled and going nowhere fast?

Is it missing an idea, or is it a great idea that's just not being executed to its full potential?
Why not throw it our way and see what we can come up with? You'll be under no obligation, but you may just find the spark that's missing.

Send us through the details or call us now on 0481 993 272 to discuss it over the phone or to organise a face-to-face meeting.

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